Peter Crawley

Early reviews for Ontreto

"Excellent read. Better still if you happen to be in Lipari. Amazon

"Peter's knowledge of this area of the Mediterranean with its customs and culture is very studious and veracious.... Having now read about these islands, I would also like to visit them. Where's my nearest travel agent?" Amazon

"I found it (Ontreto) to be a wonderful escapist tale, full of mysteries, discoveries and atmosphere... Both the past and the present in Italy are portrayed realistically, with a sharp eye for history and character and how the two can shape each other..." Italophile Book Reviews

"Another Peter Crawley hit! This sequel to Mazzeri holds your attention from the first page to the last... very gripping story full of twists and turns along the way." Amazon

"Being Italian, I particularly enjoyed the description of Lipari and the characterisation of its inhabitants." Amazon

"Like Mazzeri, it is beautifully written. Completely involving, perhaps faster moving, but no less feeling of knowing and being in a place I wish I could go to." Amazon

"Really enjoyed this exciting novel, loved the new characters." Amazon

Reviews for Boarding House Reach

"Engrossing and addictive. A great summer read!" – Goodreads.

"An old time mystery. Well written. Good interlacing story lines. Interesting characters. Overall quite and easy enjoyable read."   – Netgalley review

"Excellent. A Good Read." – Goodreads

"The author ties these story lines together so well that is happens seamlessly... the author manages the characters well... the reader is turning pages very fast in the hopes that at least someone will get what they wish for..." –

Boarding House Reach is Book Monthly's adult fiction pick of the month.

"An enjoyable read with flashes of brilliance and humour with some memorable characters and an ending that is far from trite or contrived." – Netgalley review

"...absolutely loved it! The characters are complex, well drawn out and the book is at times hilarious. But... it still has a slightly dark edge, which I think makes his writing so original." – Amazon verified review

"I had great difficulty putting it down once I'd started reading it." – Amazon verified review

Reviews for Mazzeri

Dear Mr Crawley,

May I congratulate you on your book Mazzeri, which I have just finished.

Having first visited Corsica for our honeymoon some 5 years ago, we were then lucky enough to be invited to join friends who rented a villa not far from San Cipriano.

Certainly something magical exists about the island, and on leaving I searched as best I could for a book to somehow help me with my poor grasp of Corsica's turbulent times, and a little escapism - both of which your fantastic book and its compelling plot more than provided for!

So thank you for sharing your work, and I look forward to your next book whenever that might be.

Best wishes,

Received via email 10th July 2013 from Budapest.

Hi Peter,

I downloaded your book from Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am glad I read it in the school holidays as once I started reading I really struggled to put the book down. I love the descriptive style you use when writing and would love to share some of your sentences with my class of 6 and 7 year olds to show them how a good writer writes! I am always telling them to "show not tell" and to "paint a picture in the readers mind". The story line kept me guessing right until the end. In fact I read the final two pages twice just to check I had the ending correct in my mind! Congratulations on writing such a wonderful piece of work. I look forward to the next effort.



Received via email 23rd July 2013 from Dunedin.

An extremely well-crafted novel, subtly blending essences of mystery and thriller with romance and history. There's a lot of detail about the culture and sensibilities of Corsica and its inhabitants, much of it very relevant to the plot, but the author incorporates it into the story in such a way that it never feels like too much information or tiresome exposition.

The biggest strength of the novel is its characters, not least of them Corsica itself, which is beautifully described with tremendously rich imagery and description that suggests the author's intimate knowledge of the area. The protagonist, Ric, is well drawn, likeable but with hints of a troubled past that unfolds as the story progresses. Supporting characters are three-dimensional, all with emotions, history and motives of their own.

An enjoyable but thoughtful and reflective novel, one that I would highly recommend.

Amazon Review from Farrow 16th August 2103

I loved Mazzeri! I was drawn into the book at the very beginning by the introduction of the characters and the setting, Corsica, with its mystery and unwritten understanding of its people. The booked gained momentum as the characters started meeting each other. Mystery, murder, love, laughter, history, cultural interest are all in this book. A great first book, look forward to the next one!

Amazon Review from Ingrid Fear 2nd August 2013

What a wonderful storyline. This book is totally absorbing and very atmospheric - you can feel the soaring temperature of this beautiful rugged island as you get drawn into the Corsican way of life and it's past traditions. I can't wait for the next installment.

Amazon Review from Ba Collinson 27th July 2013

Hi Peter, I have expressed verbally my apprecaition of your excellent book during my process of reading it. However, having finished it I thought it necessary to put into writing what an excellent book you have written. It gripped me from start to finish: the geography and history, the indepth descriptions of the flora and fauna, and the captivating intrigue, which holds the whole story together. Congratulations and well done!

Received via email from George Dawson, February 2014