Peter's Latest Novel

The 28 days are over and the novella, 'What You Don't Know About Me' is done.

Who? Me, Peter Crawley, the writer at
What? A fictional novella titled 'What You Don't Know About Me'
When? 5th November to 2nd December - 28 days
Where? At my desk
Why? So that I have a goal for lockdown
How? Now that's the challenge!

Over the next 28 days of the second UK Covid-19 lock-down, I'll be writing a fictional novella.

Each day I'll publish a diary page here, documenting my progress.

Follow my journey below.

Two families bound by the Strait of Messina.

Constant Tides is a story of survival, sacrifice and immense courage.


Young Lilla hurries through the gardens of Villa Mazzini to meet Enzo. Together, they hope to leave the city for a new life in America. All that stands in their way – his father and the deadliest earthquake in Messina’s history.


War has already made Mira a widow and the Tenente is charming and sophisticated; without his supplies she would have had to close the café long ago. Then one night, an Italian sailor brings an injured man to her door.


Surely, if the Englishwoman speaks the local dialect, she should know the waters off Capo Peloro are treacherous. So when the woman is swept away, Angelica wonders if she has put herself in danger intentionally.

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